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Become 10% happier

08/11/2020 by admin

Thank you for staying with us !

We are sad to hear that something was not as expected!

Since we’d like you to help us improve the experience of you and our future guests, we are giving you the opportunity to earn a 10% discount on your next stay!

UNHAPPY?! How to become 10% happier?*

  • Before evaluating, please consider if your remarks are truly worth the penalty compared to our efforts?  1 star = 20%.
  • Ok, was it not that bad?  Skip the review!
  • Send us your remarks, recommendations, tips, suggestions, …  via email and receive your personal discount code
  • It will be way more helpful for us to know which items to work on, rather than receiving a meaningless star rating,  We’d really appreciate your help on how to improve our future guests experience.
  • When you book your next stay and provide the code, we will send you a 10% discount
  • Help us improving your and our next guests experience,  

Extremely UNHAPPY?!

We are really sad  to hear this.  Since we fear there will be no way to make you change your mind, we can only express that
 we are sincerely running our rental business with heart and soul, and we do all in our effort to provide all of our guests a nice and comfortable stay.  We really regret there was no match, but still wish you lots of love and all the best for the future!


  • valid on the night rate only, excluding all service, tax, cleaning, linen, … fees
  • only valid for unhappy people skipped the review
  • valid for people who stayed in one of our accommodations before date of review
  • the amount cannot be reduced from already booked dates, current or passed bookings
  • valid only on a stay in one of our own accommodations
  • cannot be accumulated with other reductions or promotions
  • the discount is individual and cannot be transferred to other people or accounts
  • cannot be exchanged for money
  • valid for booking dates within 6 months after review post date