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GENERAL Houserules

01/05/2020 by admin

Hey ! Welcome to our beautiful cozy Accommodation!

We are happy to host you and wish you a wonderful stay in our place here in the heart of Antwerp.
Below we have listed a number of general and specific instructions that will help you get the most joy of your stay in the accommodation that we have entrusted you.
Please, take a moment to go through them. Some things seem obvious, but the past has already shown that what is obvious to one person is not necessarily the same for the other.
Maybe you learn something, maybe you can have a good laugh about it together, or even, we are open to suggestions to improve things! So put yourself nice and cozy in the sofa and overflow (together) this list, so every guest is aware of the instructions and we are all happy afterwards that everything went smoothly.
FIRST: if anything is unclear, any problem occurs, or any question you have, NEVER hesitate to CONTACT US, we are available most of the time and prefer that you contact us directly and immediately so we can help you, instead of you having a negative experience or us receiving bad comment afterwards.
We only want the best for you, but what we do not know, we cannot solve.

How to REACH US:

• MOBILE & Whatsapp : 00 32 487 254 154, always call for emergencies or urgent matters.  text for less urgent things
• If you have rented through AIRBNB or another external platform, you can use their APP: your message arrives to us by mail and text, and you can rely on their help if necessary afterwards.
Now how to treat  this lovely accommodation that gives you a place to feel good, safe, home?
Here you go:


Parties, strangers or unregistered extra guests are not allowed. First there is a fire safety regulation in Belgium, in case something happens we need to be able to know how many people are residing in the building. Secondly parties disturb neighbors and other residents of the building. Many accidents or damages happen during parties. You can enjoy the flat, but in the way it is offered and booked for. 

If we receive complaints of the other tenants, neighbors, or we notice something is wrong, we reserve ourselves the right to come verify if there is abuse of our trust. In case we notice the rules are not respected we are allowed to charge a damage fee + extra guests staying will be charged at the normal rate. Any supplementary damage to the property will be claimed. 

No smoking! No animals! ANY costs (damage, removing smell products, cancelling guests after you, …) that come from ignoring this rule will be charged at your expense!


Due to Corona Pandemic and the recent cases of LOCKDOWN PARTIES we remind you specifically that parties or other than the people booked for are UNDER NO CONDITION ALLOWED in the accommodation.

Not by law, nor by our houserules!

Only the people booked for are allowed in the accommodation: maximum 2

Official Corona pandemic regulation is mandatory for the safety of you and our permanent residents in the building.

– Please be aware that we have a security installation in the common parts that will notify us of any abnormal situations

– In case we are reported of irregularities, POLICE AND AIRBNB will be informed IMMEDIATELY and will have the following consequences:

  • You will have to leave the accommodation immediately without refund, after the police intervention you are not allowed to return to the accommodation
  • The police will make an official report about your breach of Corona measures, and we will file a supplementary official complaint as a civil party against you for damage to our property, business and reputation
  • Airbnb will permanently remove your account from their website
  • A damage fee of at least 300€ will be charged from the deposit that has been blocked on your account by Airbnb
  • In any case of abuse of our trust you will be personally held fully responsible for all cost and consequences and any material or immaterial damage during and after your stay that can or will result from the organization of parties or the necessity of a police intervention.  This includes all loss of future bookings and income, or any consequence related to closure of the building or complaints by the other residents. 
  • Front Door should ALWAYS be closed and locked.  Please verify this before you go and when you enter. It’s important for everybody’s safety in the building.
  • Remember, it is a door, so please handle it as such, closing it normally is fine, there is no need to slam it 😉 The other people living close to it will appreciate you for caring about that.
  • In house doors: please treat them as such, careless or impatient use can only cause loud noise and damage. Doors can be closed silently and do not have to be ‘slammed’ to be closed.
  • Keys / Access codes are provided for you only and are not to be given or shared with anybody else.  Remember if you are giving your key or code to another person this person can grant himself access to the building and cause problems or damage for which you will be held fully responsible, at time of sharing the key/code, but also if incidents due to that would happen afterwards.
  • If you have guests arriving or leaving, you always escort them personally to the exit.
  • Silence at night! Silent hours are from 22.00 pm to 9.00 am, also in the weekend.
  • Other people, permanent residents or guests also live in this building, sleeping, relaxing, studying or working, sometimes having to get up early. Please respect their rest and peace and keep the noise down during nightly hours.
  • No shouting, singing, stamping feet in the shared parts as entrance hall, staircase and even in front of the building.  Try to remember this even if you come home after a party or leave at night or in early mornings.
  • We have provided you with a nice and well equipped kitchen and all necessary tools, so we kindly ask you to take care of it .
  • NEVER cut food directly on the counter, this leaves scratches and risk of soaking water later, there are chopping boards provided. The same concerns spilling with intensely colored products, bright colors will remain visible in the material if you do not wipe them asap (curry, red wine, tomato sauce, coffee …), wiping material is provided…
  • Stove, oven, microwave, wipe clean after EACH use so that moisture or food does not bake into the device and cooking utensils during your next use. Never put hot pots directly on the counter but use one of the provided underpads.
  • Kitchen: refrigerator and freezer it’s usually not necessary to put them to the coldest stand, especially if they are not completely filled. of course, if you change it to cool something faster, please turn it back to average stand when leaving, it is not healthy for an empty fridge to be keeping it extra cold and it wastes a lot of  energy doing so! Energy is not only very expensive in Belgium but it also impacts the environment.
  • Yes, we know, it sounds obvious, however, it has happened before!  NEVER place metal objects in the microwave! Same as you do not put plastic materials in the oven or on the hot cooking plate!
  • NEVER, under NO circumstances leave stove, oven or microwave turned on when you leave the room, building, go sleeping, even if only for a short while. Suppose that for unforeseen reasons you do not return home or the room in time (it happened to me), this can cause fire.  Think of your fellow residents, you do not want to be responsible for accidents or worse.
  • Thermostat are placed on every radiator. It is set with an automatic program for a normal weekly schedule to make sure the heating doesn’t always stay on during vacant days. Possibly or rather probably, this will not match your personal program. Obvious, because all guests have other personal habits.  No worries, you can adjust this yourself if it is too cold/warm by gently turning it up or down. The number indicates the target temperature.
  • NEVER force the device, it turns very easily, if you have problems, contact us.  Maybe the battery is down? After 2 hours the manually set temperature will turn back to the automated program, still home? No problem, you can change it as many times as you want.
  • Please mind that this is a flat, not a wellness center, temperatures of +24° are really not common for houses. 21° is a normal day/awake/at home temperature, 16° is a normal and healthy temperature for sleeping.
  • There should be enough pillows, duvets, fleeces to snuggle up warm and cozy in the sofa.


  • The router is located in the common parts of the building. You can find the log-in code in the instructions book of your accommodation or in the booking sites accommodation information.
  • If you experience problems with the network, do not start tinkering with the router / modem. If there are problems, always contact us first so we can test the connection and instruct you what to do.


Think ECO! Be ECO!