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Entering with the Smart Lock


With our NUKI smart lock, you can do a 24h self check-in, offering you full privacy and flexibility.  No more waiting for receiving the keys nor stressing to be in time.  Feel like grabbing a bite underway?  Stuck in a traffic jam? Sudden change of plans?  No worries!

How to enter the building


  • Behind the iron gate, between the doorbells and the gate, you will find a small keypad, purposely placed a bit out of sight.
  • Enter your code and wait for the zooming sound to finish, you can now open the gate/door
  • Close the door carefully, it will auto lock.
  • To leave the building, use the same code.

Your Private Entrance Code

  • If all payments have been settled, you have received your private access code by Whatsapp or through the booking platform message box. 
  • This code is valid from 15 PM on the day of arrival till 11 AM on the day of departure. Before and after these times, the code will be inactive, it is an automatic system.
  • This code is unique and strictly personal, you are personally responsible for the use of it. Same as it is forbidden passing the key to another person it is not allowed to pass this code to any other person or third-party.
If all payments have been settled and you have not received your code on day of arrival, contact us. 

Access your accommodation

  • Same procedure, enter your code and wait the zooming sound to finish before opening the door
  • The door will autolock once it is closed. 
  • To leave the accommodation, double push the circle on the device on the door, wait the zooming sound to finish before opening the door

Problems? During check-in or check-out?

  • Contact us over whatsapp, we’ll do our best to assist you as soon as possible.
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