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You will find a manual near the jacuzzi, please read it carefully before use.

To avoid malfunctioning and problems, we ask you to carefully read them BEFORE use of the bath.

Before using the jacuzzi it’s mandatory to rinse your body in the shower.

DO NOT block the suction inlets as this will cause permanent damage to the pumps;

In the bath, remain seated.

No shoes, glass, hard objects are allowed.  We have provided paper cups.


Products containing oil, glitter, foam, bath bombs, bath salt, bath oil bullets, papers, etc… are NOT ALLOWED in the jacuzzi. It’s proven in the past that they will damage the pumps or pipes. We have recently replace the 2 pumps due to this reason, cost for replacement per pump is 380€. You will find plenty of suitable products provided next to the bath.


IMPORTANT !! ALWAYS make sure that the tap is closed after use and before draining the bath. Fresh water is becoming rare and very expensive these days, please be aware of the impact of wasting water. Please pay well attention and double check it after use. The correct position of the TAP is marked with OFF. 

IMPORTANT !! After each use it is MANDATORY to rinse and clean the jacuzzi for hygienic and technical reasons, we have foreseen a basked with material and products for this next to the tub.

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