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You will find a manual near the sauna, please read it carefully before use.

  • The sauna needs to be plugged in and out BEFORE and AFTER each use. The plug can be  found on top of the sauna. 
  • Don’t forget to remove decorative items, manual or towels before heating the sauna.
  • A sauna is a high energy consuming so be aware to heat it up only when you have the intention of using it and to turn it off after use.
    Do not leave it on in between several uses. This also counts to avoid fire hazards by overheating the oven.
  • If you use scented essential oil, this is a highly concentrated product, which makes it also rather expensive, adding too much oil is not healthy, it can damage the functioning of the sauna or bother you or even the next guests! A FEW DROPS in the water pot will be more than sufficient!

Thee ideal sauna temperature 90 graden Celsius


  • TURN OFF and unplug
  • Leave the door open to evacuate remaining humidity and keep materials in good condition.
  • If you have filled the bucket with water, don’t forget to remove the remaining water AND also the spoon.


Take off your clothes and jewellery. Take a sheet to sit on in the sauna.

Take a shower beforehand. The shower makes the skin wet and removes perfumes and smells that otherwise become stronger and more pungent in the sauna. Body scrubs are also recommended.

Before entering the sauna your body should be completely dry in order to speed up perspiration in the sauna.

Before entering the sauna shower your legs with warm water. Cold legs postpone the effects of perspiration.

When in the sauna, sit on the sheet or a towel. When going in or out the sauna, do it quickly and make sure that the door closes firmly in order not to spill out the heat.

It is recommended to sit on the lower bench at first, because the temperature is lower there. The air in the Finnish Sauna is dry. The humidity can be raised by pouring water onto the hot stones

When in the sauna, try to be still. Breathe normally. You can sit or lie down.

When entering the first time, do not stay in the Finnish Sauna for more than 10-12 minutes. You can use an hour-glass on the sauna wall. People who do not support the heat should stay less time inside. When heating up enough, leave the sauna and gradually cool off under the shower or just sit down and rest in room temperature or outside. Especially the head should be cooled off slowly.

Sauna is primarily a place of relax. It’s ok to talk in sauna as long as it does not disturb other users. When you are in a sauna with only with a group of your friends or business partners, you can talk as much as you like. However when another person enters sauna, you should respect their right to relax. In such situation, in order to continue the discussion, you should leave the sauna or wait until the other person leaves.

At the second visit of the sauna the air should contain a little more humidity than the first time. The skin has softened, the blood circulation has been stimulated. Cool off again. Heating up ‒ cooling off exchange can be repeated as many times as it pleases you. For the majority of people 2 sessions are enough.

At the end take a shower and relax in a Hydro Massage Bath-tube. Dry and relax for at least 10-15 minutes on the deck-chair. Drink something refreshing. It is recommended to drink water or tea (without sugar) before and after the sauna. Eating fruit balances the calcium. The loss of magnesium can be balanced later by consuming leafy greens.

Before putting on clean linen, cool off thoroughly, if not, you will keep on sweating. You should not feel cold, after the sauna the body is quite sensitive. The skin is perfectly ready for the regenerating, detoxifying or relaxing massage.

In the steamy atmosphere of the sauna, heat reigns but pouring water on the hot stones holds immense power. This simple gesture is more than just a way to generate sauna steam. It’s a ritual between fire and water and way to a deeper experiencing of relaxation and purification.


The Ancient Ritual in the act of pouring water on hot stones dates back from ages in sauna traditions across cultures. Each splash is a prayer to the sauna spirit, a way to connect with the natural rhythms of heat and water.

Embrace the ritual, find your rhythm, and let the water and heat wash away your worries, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected to something deeper than yourself.

  • Physical Effects: The steam increases humidity, aiding detoxification by empowering deeper sweating. This loosens tight muscles, eases congestion, and helps you feeling refreshed and revitalized.
  • Emotional Release: The steamy ritual can be a powerful tool for emotional release creating space for letting go of worries and anxieties.
  • Spiritual Connection: For many cultures, the sauna is a sacred space. Pouring water on the stones becomes a way to connect with the elements, to honor tradition, and to find a sense of peace and renewal.

Embrace the art of the spalsh and the ways of the steam. Here are some tips to elevate the steaming ritual:

  • Use the right ladle: Choose a ladle made of natural materials like wood or bamboo, which won’t burn or crack in the heat 
  • Warm the water: To avoid shocking the rocks with cold water. Pre-heat the water to ensure a more consistent and gentle steam release.
  • Find your own rhythm: Experiment with different pouring techniques – slow and steady, fast and swirling – to find the steaming effect that resonates with you.
  • Essential oils: Infuse your water with essential oils like lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for clearing the mind, or peppermint for an invigorating boost.  Just a drop will do so to avoid overwhelming smell.
  • Listen to your body: Don’t overdo it. Start with small amounts of water and gradually increase as you get comfortable with the heat and steam.


Problems, questions, doubts, issues, with the sauna cabin during, before or after usage or in case of emergencies we insist on contacting us.

You can reach us on Whatsapp 00 32 487 254 154, a lot of things can be solved or explained from distance. It will offer both you and us peace of mind. 

Problems, damage and costs resulting from NOT CONTACTING us will be charged from the guest.

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