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Smart TV

How to turn on the smart TV

There is smart Tv available in your accommodation

  • Use the main remote to turn on the tv with the red button top right
  • If the smart tv screen is not visible, 
  • Push the house button of the small remote, the Amazon Firestick should start up
  • If not push the house button (2) on the small remote to wake up the smart tv.
  • If you do not see amazon Tv or the Smart tv menu, switch to the main remote and use the indicated button (1) to select the correct input channel. The correct input channel is HDMI 2
  • You can now use the small remote to navigate between different online tv channels, youtube, or login with your account to Netflix or Amazon TV.
  • Don’t forget to log out before you leave 😉

No Smart TV? There is also DVD!

If you have no netflix or amazon tv account and find nothing that you like on youtube or the other channels, you can still take the dvd player from the big cabinet and look at one of the plenty of dvd that are there.  Simply connect the player with the hdmi cable in front of the tv, and navigate through the input channels (main remote button nbr 2, as indicated above) until you see the dvd screen. 

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