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Turn on/off the Heating

If all went as planned we have been preheating the accommodation for your arrival.
If you feel it’s too hot, or the heating is not on and you are cold, you can manually adapt the temperature.   The accommodation is equipped with floor heating, which means after turning on or off the heating, the floor will need time to heat up or cool down.  

Please note your accommodation has a jacuzzi and sauna, but is not a wellness center. Setting a 25° temperature will not make the accommodation warm faster. 
21 or 22° is a normal setting. 

The thermostat is located in the kitchen next to the light buttons on the right of the green wall.

Using the Tado thermostat

You can manually turn on or off the heating by adapting the temperature in the TADO thermostat you find on the wall in the kitchen. 

Smart Thermostat to make temporary temperature adjustments via the Smart Thermostat press the button to activate the display. The device will first show the current measured temperature in the room.

The thermostat then shows the current target temperature and illuminates the touch arrows. Use the arrows to modify the target temperature manually. The icons shown next to the target temperature indicate the current tado° mode: 

– The Smart Schedule is active and tado° is in Home Mode

– The Smart Schedule is active and tado° is in Away Mode

– Manual control is active

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