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WELLNESS Loft – CHECK IN/OUT instructions

19/08/2020 by admin

Dear Guest,

Please find our CHECK IN/OUT instructions below.  We kindly ask you to go through them and contact us in case you have any questions or doubts. 


In case you like to book the secured private parking place near the accommodation, don’t forget to contact us here or via the Airbnb App for instructions.

Meanwhile you should also have received the payment request link from Airbnb to settle the tourist tax. In case you have not arranged it, we kindly remind you that all payments need to be settled before arrival to activate your entrance codes.


  • Via Airbnb-NUKI you have received an email with a personal code, giving you access to the main entrance of the building and the loft. Check your spam since these are automated emails.
  • This code is valid from 15 PM on the day of arrival till 11 AM on the day of departure. Before and after these times, the code will be inactive, it is an automatic system.
  • This code is unique and strictly personal, you are personally responsible for the use of it. Same as it is forbidden passing the key to another person it is not allowed to pass this code to any other person or third-party.
  • Details about how to enter the building can be found in your Messaging in the Airbnb App.
  • Once you have arrived in the loft, we are sure you will make a tour, please use this occasion to check if everything is fine.
  • If you have ordered extra arrangements, check if they are present in the fridge, on the table, in the bathroom.
  • If you notice any missing or damaged items, contact us immediately.
    Issues, damages, malfunctioning, missing items, remarks that have not been reported immediately upon arriving or noticing, will be considered as caused during your stay and at the responsibility of the current guest.



Instructions about the correct use of the Jacuzzi can be found next to the bath.

To avoid malfunctioning and problems, we ask you to carefully read them BEFORE use of the bath.

IMPORTANT !! ALWAYS make sure that the tap is closed after use and before draining the bath. Fresh water is becoming rare and very expensive these days, please be aware of the impact of wasting water. Please pay well attention and double check it after use. The correct position of the TAP is marked with OFF. 

Before using the jacuzzi rinse your body in the shower in or outside.

IMPORTANT !! After each use it is MANDATORY to rinse and clean the jacuzzi for hygienic and technical reasons, we have foreseen a basked with material and products for this next to the tub.

IMPORTANT !! Products containing oil, glitter, foam, bath bombs, bath salt, bath oil bullets, etc, … are NOT ALLOWED in the jacuzzi. It’s proven in the past that they will damage the pumps or pipes. We have recently been obliged to replace the 2 pumps due to this reason, cost for replacement per pump is 380€. You will find plenty of allowed products provided in the bathroom.


There is a night toilet available in the upper bathroom, please note that paper and other objects are NOT ALLOWED to be thrown in the toilet upstairs, this may cause damage to the grinder system and cause clogs, resulting in problems for you during your stay or future guests not being able to enjoy the facilities. There is a bin foreseen next to the toilet. Thank you for caring.


You will find a manual inside the sauna, please read it carefully before use and don’t forget to remove it together with decorative materials before heating ?
The sauna needs to be plugged in and out before and AFTER each use. The plug can be  found to the right of the cabinet and put in the socket in the bathroom.

Please note that a sauna is energy consuming so be aware to heat it up only when you have the intention of using it and to turn it off after use and not leave it on in between several uses.

After use of the sauna, leave the door open to evacuate remaining humidity and keep materials in good condition. 

If you have filled the bucket with water, don’t forget to remove the spoon

We have provided scented essential oil, meaning a highly concentrated product, which makes it also rather expensive, adding too much oil is not healthy, it can damage the functioning of the sauna or bother you or even the next guests! A FEW DROPS in the water pot will be more than sufficient!


Problems, questions, doubts, issues, during, before or after usage, we insist on contacting us immediately, even in the evening.

By phone or Whatsapp 00 32 487 254 154, a lot of things can be solved or explained from distance.

Problems, damage and costs resulting from NOT CONTACTING us will be charged from the guest.

We prefer to solve issues in good and correct understanding and we tend to be more flexible in charging costs for damage to people handling these situations honestly and correctly.

We are available 7/7, even at night for EMERGENCY matters and prefer that you have contacted us once too much then having problems, costs, or disappointment afterwards.


We kindly remind you to go through the house rules you can find on the Airbnb Listing Page of your booked accommodation before arrival.

  • Animals and smoking are NOT ALLOWED in the Loft
  • NO PARTIES or unannounced guests allowed, extra guests will be charged and abuse will be fined according to house regulations on Airbnb
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: well segregate the garbage in the bins as indicated (rest, pmd, glass) Nobody likes to remove dirt from the bags to sort it correctly, it’s a small effort to throw it in the correct bin, as indicated on the bin.

CHECK-OUT instructions

Check-out time is 11 am, after this time your code will automatically expire.
LATE CHECK-OUT  will  cause problems for everybody:

  • result in your access code to be inactive and you will have to contact us to leave the building.
  • Since this is impacting the planning of cleaning staff and the arrival time of guests after you, supplementary costs may be applicable.
  • In case you like to arrive earlier or leave later, you can always contact us beforehand to see if we can find an arrangement, where possible it is always our pleasure to find a solution.

When leaving the accommodation has to be in the same state as you have received it, CLEAN and RANGED. We prefer to keep prices affordable and charge only the amount for the laundry. Any excess cleaning will be charged per hour from the guest.

In case of problems, damage, questions, you contact us BEFORE YOUR leaving, we prefer to find a mutual agreement or solution or to appreciate your honesty and waive costs instead of having to charge you in full.


Leaving the accommodation clean and tidy is especially important for the health of  you, cleaning staff and next guests during CORONA times.

We have cared and done extra efforts for your safety by providing a well cleaned and safe accommodation. Please do the same for us, our helping hands and next guests. Let’s do this all together ❤

We have foreseen bleach based products and paper to wipe frequently used surfaces. 

Before leaving, make sure to :

  • Sanitary bin bags (bathroom & toilet) should be removed and closed and placed in or near the main bin in the kitchen.
  • Bed sheets and towels should be removed and can be placed together in the kitchen on the floor in front of the toilet, there is a laundry bin in the bathroom.
  • Ventilate the rooms at least 30-60 minutes before leaving. Don’t forget to close the windows right before your departure to avoid damage in case of wind or rain.

Please be aware that we kindly ask your help with these measures, not to make your life hard nor because we are lazy, but to avoid intensive and direct contact with intensively used materials, avoid possible contamination and so to safeguard the health, lives and family of our cleaning staff. 

Thank you for caring the same about our safety and well being as we do about yours.


  • After ranging the loft accordingly the house rules and corona measures
  • Having checked if you have turned off all devices, lights, heating, closed all taps and windows,
  • Leave the keys in the red key box
  • You can close the door of the loft and you can exit the building using your code.
  • After leaving the building do not forget to close the gate. Please make sure not to forget any of your belongings as we can not always immediately come over to return them to you.

Finally we kindly request you to leave us a small message confirming you have left the building and that everything went fine or if something needs our special attention. So we can pickup the keys and start preparing for our next guests.


In case you have feedback: good or bad, suggestions, tips, remarks, we highly appreciate it. What is obvious for us, may not be obvious for you or vice versa, let’s all work together to make this an even better place or experience

A small description about what you liked or disliked is far more helpful to us for improving or matching customer’s requirements than a flat superficial star rating.

Happy returning customers leaving us a positive review are always welcome and will benefit a discount on their next stay! 

Thank you and wishing you a lovely stay!
00 32 487 254 154

For EXTRAS during your stay, visit our WEBSHOP

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