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Welcome Guide for your Stay

Hello! Welcome in our beautiful Loft. 

We’re working here on a landing page where you can find information online if it is not available inside the loft.

Upon arrival Before your arrival we have don profound cleaning of the entire accommodation.   Upon arrival please check your accommodation and let us know in ...
22/02/2024 , 0
Hey!Not FORGETTING something? LIGHTS off ?HEATING off ?WATERTAP closed ?WINDOWS closed OK !Then You’re Ready to go THANK YOU ! Image by on Freepik ...
16/02/2024 , 0
Arriving to Antwerp by Car When arriving to Antwerp by care there’s a few things to take into account: LEZ (low emission zone) is applicable  ...
14/02/2024 , 0
(Page under construction)  JACUZZI & bathroom INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE use You will find a manual near the jacuzzi, please read it carefully before use. To avoid malfunctioning and ...
04/02/2024 , 0
SAUNA INSTRUCTIONS (Page under construction)  BEFORE USE You will find a manual near the sauna, please read it carefully before use. The sauna needs to ...
04/02/2024 , 0
Smart TV
How to turn on the smart TV There is smart Tv available in your accommodation Use the main remote to turn on the tv with ...
04/02/2024 , 0
Turn on/off the Heating
Adjust your heating settings easily with our user-friendly thermostat. ...
04/02/2024 , 0
There is free WIFI available in your accommodation.   Connect to LovedAntwerpGuestThe password is available in the accommodation and can be found next to the red ...
04/02/2024 , 0
Entering with the Smart Lock
Follow these steps to access your accommodation. ...
04/02/2024 , 0
Parkeren in Antwerpen
Er zijn heel wat mogelijkheden, bekijk op voorhand wat het beste bij jouw plannen en verwachtingen past. In het centrum van Antwerpen parkeren Maakt de ...
08/06/2022 , 0