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Parkeren in Antwerpen
Er zijn heel wat mogelijkheden, bekijk op voorhand wat het beste bij jouw plannen en verwachtingen past. In het centrum van Antwerpen parkeren Maakt de prijs niet uit, dan kan je jouw wagen in [...]
Jun 08, 2022 Category: Uncategorized 0 Comments
Breakfast in Town!
Hello we hope you slept really well in the huge rooftop bed and ready to enjoy some breakfast! So you woke up relaxed and happy! Ready for the Day? Now get out of bed as it all starts with [...]
May 12, 2021 Category: Antwerp, Antwerp City, Antwerpen 0 Comments
Coctails Delight
Our Local Favorites Bar & Drinks [...]
Feb 28, 2021 Category: Joy & happiness, Uncategorized 0 Comments
An Aphrodisiac Portion
Nothing above topping your Romantic Stay with some Aphrodisiac Loving Vibes! Pop your fresh sparkling Bubbles on the sunny terrace accompanied with a plate of delicious fresh Oysters, opened [...]
May 15, 2020 Category: Joy & happiness 0 Comments
Pinch of Coffee and Tea [...]
Apr 30, 2020 Category: Uncategorized 0 Comments
Romantic Dinner
Let us surprise you with a delicious dinner! Tastefull food accompanied with a nice glass of wine? We work together with several of our own favorite local restaurants or caterers. It is hard to [...]
Apr 28, 2020 Category: Joy & happiness 0 Comments
Wellness Treatement
Enjoying the Jacuzzi and relaxing in the sauna, that is for sure. Looking for that little extra? Pimp your wellness with a set of wonderfully scented care products Available Pinches​ Apr 28, 2020 [...]
Apr 28, 2020 Category: Joy & happiness 0 Comments
Relaxing Duo Massage​
Dream away during a relaxing duo massage.  Enjoy together, as a partner, friends or family! The masseurs come on site, professional tables are placed, with clean towels. Under the guidance of [...]
Apr 28, 2020 Category: Joy & happiness 0 Comments
Sparkling Bubbels
Arrive and pop your Bubbles! Fresh & Cool, Ready to be served! Would you rather enjoy delicious Sparkling Bubbles on the sunny terrace, or just snuggle up in the sofa when it is raining [...]
Apr 28, 2020 Category: Joy & happiness 0 Comments
Morning Glory
Nothing so delicious as starting the day with a nice and relaxed breakfast.  After such a wonderful cozy evening, getting up slowly and continue to enjoy is absolutely allowed. Isn’t it [...]
Apr 28, 2020 Category: Joy & happiness 0 Comments